Held at UBUMWE CENTRE on 16th - 17th June 2021

The project of equipping Lay and Church leaders with knowledge and skills about project cycle management, entrepreneurship, and job creation is meant to upgrade the knowledge and skills of Church workers such that they work more professionally and efficiently as they undertake their attributions and responsibilities in their institutions where they are appointed to respond to the needs of community members.

As planned, there are two sessions (one for participants from Cyangugu and Kigeme Dioceses and another one for participants from Butare and Shyogwe Dioceses) that are to be held. The first one was held in Kigeme and the second will be held in Shyogwe.  This article covers the training that was held in Kigeme, bringing together participants from Cyangugu and Kigeme dioceses from 16th to 17th June 2021.

The two days training, which was funded by the United Evangelical Mission (#vemission, @vemission), was concluded with commitments by participants on making use of acquired skills on Project Implementation Strategies, Project Cycle Management, and Entrepreneurship Development. Also, the RDIS organisation (#RDISforRwanda, @RDISforRwanda) in close collaboration with the sending dioceses plans to make follow-ups and make use of ideas that came up during the training.

RDIS Workshop Kigeme 06 2021 group picture1
Group picture of participants with the bishop of Kigeme Diocese Right Reverend Assiel MUSABYIMANA in front of training facility – The UBUMBWE Center Kigeme

This annual report (April 2020 to March 2021) is intended to provide key partners and founding members of the organization with information concerning the project planned for, projects

implemented, the challenges encountered, the manner by which they were dealt with and the impact in the communities where the projects are implemented with members of the communities.

We are very thankful to the founding members of RDIS ( BUTARE, CYANGUGU,KIGEME and SHYOGWE Dioceses) especially the current leaderships led by the four Bishops for their paramount role in the growth of RDIS organization. Our sincere thanks to our partners and all stakeholders for their continuous support for the work we do for, and, with the members of the community in Rwanda.

For further information, please download the full report here..

Viateur NTARINDWA, RDIS -Executive Secretary

The General Assembly Meeting of RDIS was held to elect Legal Representatives, members of the Board of Directors as well as the Commission of Finance & Fixed Assets and Conflict Resolution on 27th May 2021.

The meeting was attended by the three Bishops and One Diocesan Secretary from the founding Anglican Dioceses ( BUTARE, CYANGUGU, KIGEME and SHYOGWE) and 20 more delegates from the Dioceses, the Executive Secretary of RDIS and Representative of RDIS staff. The attendance was a hundred percent.

A day before, the Board Meeting was held.

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The photo up shows the members of the General Assembly Meeting of RDIS.

Today, the retired Bishop of Butare, Rt Revd Nathan Gasatura passed by at our head office in Muhanga to say goodbye and to pray with us. We were very happy about his generous gesture.

Bishop Nathan Gasatura was the chairperson and legal representative of the RDIS organization for just over 3 years from Feb/2018 to March/2021, in a period where we made great achievements in many development projects including our flagship project, the Carbon Project for distributing Improved Cook Stoves in Rwanda (CCER-1).

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This annual report (April 2020 to March 2021) is intended to provide key partners and founding members of our organization with abridged information about our activities and performances.
Vision Statement
A Holy Soul in a Healthy Body.
Mission Statement
To safeguard environment, increase the production aiming at sustainable and holistic development.
Objectives Statement
To promote sustainable development by mobilizing the community members to lift themselves out of poverty.