Staff profiles

Promoting sustainable development and environmental protection at community level requires special technical and organizational skills as well as stakeholder participation. Our RDIS team is composed of experts stationed in different locations in Rwanda who are tackling the challenge. Please feel free to contact our team with any questions or concerns.

Executive Secretary
As executive secretary of RDIS, he is responsible for maintaining good relationships between RDIS and its partners, seeking for new partnerships to extend the work of RDIS, ensuring proper management and utilization of RDIS resources, managing of RDIS human resources and materials. He is also responsible for developing policies, monitoring and evaluation tools to make the organization to be more effective.
Director of Environmental care and Disaster Risks Reduction
He holds a number of positions in RDIS organisation; CCER Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, RDIS Evangelism and Capacity Building Department as well as BUILD Program Coordinator. In addition, he is responsible for follow up and monitoring to ensure that the Church and Community Transformation (CCT) programme is being implemented by RDIS technicians in their respective dioceses.
Mrs Emilienne AKIMPAYE
Director of Finance and Accounting
As the accountant of RDIS organisation, she is responsible for preparing organizational budgets in collaboration with heads of departments and project managers. She files also all financial records, bank statements and bank reconciliation reports.
Eng Richard MADETE
Expatriate for Capacity Building & Environmental Management
He is an expat responsible for capacity building in Project Cycle, Project Management and Environmental Management with the aim of enabling RDIS team to initiate, plan and implement sustainable development projects. He is additionally responsible for establishing and/or strengthening networks with local and international organisations.
Mr Desire BISAMA
RDIS CCER Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) director
He is the newly recruited Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) director, who is responsible for the design, coordination and implementation of all the monitoring, evaluation and research activities with regard to CCER project. He holds the position of Director of Evangelism in Church Community Transformation Project and capacity building in RDIS.
Rev. Archd. Andre RWAGAHUNGU
Field coordinator for Butare zone
He is responsible for preparation of organizational plan for Butare zone, selecting of beneficiaries, coordination of all projects with in the zone, conducting trainings and workshops as well as undertaking monitoring of planned projects and activities.
Mrs Jeannine UWAMAHORO
As cashier of RDIS organisation, she is responsible for paying invoices, filling of cash books, writing financial reports on monthly and quarterly basis and maintaining of financial records in collaboration with the accountant.
Mr Vincent MINANI
Field Coordinator for Shyogwe zone
He prepares organizational plan for Shyogwe zone, coordinates projects in the working zone, and he conducts trainings and workshops.
Mrs Valentine MUTUYIMANA
Field coordinator for Kigeme zone
Valentine's responsibility include preparation of organizational plan for Kigeme zone, selecting of beneficieries, coordination of all projects with in the zone, conducting trainings and workshops as well as undertaking monitoring of planned projects and activities.
Ass. Field coordinator for Butare zone
Among her responsibilities are raising awareness of community members, in which RDIS Implement or willing to implement its projects and activities, Help communities to identify their needs, assess them and prioritize them, Responding to customer inquiries and complaints, Managing filing system, Maintaining of fixed assets book records.
She is responsible for taking care of visitors when they arrive and delivery of letters to various destinations.
Mr Eric Bagenzi
Field Coordinator in Cyangugu Zone
As the head of the zonal office, he is responsible for preparation of organizational plan for his area; Selecting beneficiaries; Coordination of all projects with in the zone; Conducting trainings and workshops as well as undertaking monitoring and evaluation of all projects in the area.
Mr Zephanie Hategekimana
Assistant Field Coordinator in Kigeme Zone
His duties include: Raising awareness of community members in which RDIS is implementing projects or planning to implement its projects; Helping communities to identify their needs, to assess them and to prioritize them; Responding in time to customer inquiries and complaints; Managing filing systems; Maintainance of fixed assets book records, etc.

Accomplishments and Call for Support 2017

Allow us to share with you some of our accomplishments and a call for support.
Vision Statement
A Holy Soul in a Healthy Body.
Mission Statement
To safeguard environment, increase the production aiming at sustainable and holistic development.
Objectives Statement
To promote sustainable development by mobilizing the community members to lift themselves out of poverty.