Cookstove production visit 04 Apr 2024

RDIS Carbon projects are merely intended to reduction of greenhouse gases through the reduction of wood consumption via the distribution and installation of improved cook stoves in replacement to traditional three stones fire. Other benefits like reduction of eyes irritation, respiratory complication have been reported by the end users of the improved cook stoves of RDIS as health benefits associated with the projects.
On 4th April 2024, as part of monitoring and the stove quality control trip, the Executive Director of the Rural Development Inter-diocesan Service (RDIS) Pastor NTARINDWA Viateur, together with Mr BISAMA RUTURWA Désiré who is the Director of Capacity Building and Development within RDIS organization at the same time the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of carbon projects visited the manufacturer and supplier of the improved cook stoves; Mrs KOMEZUSENGE Rose and her husband Mr RWAMIRERA Asumani in Musekera Village, Munanira Cell, Kabagari Sector in Ruhango district.

The Purpose of the visit
The visit was meant to assess the conformity and durability and the production process, the impact brought by the project throughout the manufacturing processes then advise accordingly. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by the owners - manufacturers Mrs KOMEZUSENGE Rose and her husband Mr RWAMIRERA Asumani.
We were taken throughout the process, to see by themselves all steps from the sieving sand, sawdust and lime as ones of raw material; and, the compressing of clay till the stove is delivered from the mold. It was explained and showed the drying and burning processes.
Social economic benefits of the stove project
The owner of manufacturing project is the family of Mrs KOMEZUSENGE Rose and her husband Mr Asumani RWAMIRERA. During the visitation the team was informed that, from the production site, the project employs 31 individuals (owners included). Some are female other male under the production age. We interacted with two of the employees (man labor providers) Mr USENGIMANA Adam Sharif aged 26, and Mr BAGIREBATE Hamid aged 19-year-old.

Mr USENGIMANA Adam Sharif testifies:
I would like to mention few of the things I am proud of since I started working in this manufacturing plant; “I gain enough money to purchase food item and drinks for myself, my wife and my two children,” said Adam Sharif. Furthermore, he added:
- I have bought two goats for manure and financial gain in the nearly future, and I bought 6 chickens for family diet improvement
- I am capable to contribute 7000 Rwf monthly under EJOHEZA long-term saving scheme for my first born, and I have been able to make it for the last eight months;
- I am able to hire man labors to cultivate the land on which I grow cassava, black potatoes, sweat potatoes, beans and Irish potatoes. The land on which I grow crops is not the property of my family, just our employers in this business (Mrs KOMEZUSENGE Rose and her husband Mr Asumani RWAMIRERA.) rent it to us for making use of it.
- Four months ago, I got the provisional driving license. All the fees I paid for learning and driving exams are savings I was able to make from when I started to work in this stoves manufacturing plant. Our future plan as a family includes the purchase of land and the construction of home and the acquisition of the final driving license.

Mr BAGIREBATE Hamid also testifies:

“I am happy that due to the opportunity given to me to work in this stoves’ manufacturing plant “September 2023” I was able to achieve the followings”: 

- I buy by myself the clothes and shoes I need.
- I made savings amounted 700,000 Rwf, and therefore rent money to my fellow neighbors in the community with a small interest rate.
- I got a provisional driving license and hence, planning to acquire the final driving license within this year.
- I am planting seedling trees as part of source financial gain in the future

Proudness of achievement by the owners of the stoves’ manufacturing
Before the production of the stoves as wife and husband business, our shelter was a bit under deplorable conditions; there was sand simply because the house was not cemented. Now, we are lucky and respected in this community because we own a home which meets the standards of our dreams which have been concreted. Now, it is cemented, ceiled, all doors and windows are fixed, we have safer seats for 7 people; we have television in our seating room, the closet, we have dining table and all necessary kitchen materials and equipment (plates, saucepans, ladles, spoons, cup, plate, thermos). Briefly, we are proud of our achievements we have made through the manufacturing of the stoves supplied to Rural Development inter-diocesan Service, RDIS.
We have been able to provide improved cook stoves to 100 neighborhood families. Those families use less firewood compared to the consumption of wood before. They have not paid, just contributed in kind through the making of mudbricks for stoves’ installation. Furthermore, we have paid health insurance fees for all of 31 employees in our manufacturing center. Said Mrs KOMEZUSENGE Rose.


Left: This picture was taken inside the home of the owners of the stoves manufacturing plant during the visit on 4th April 2024. The lady in blue is Rose, next to her with the Muslim hat is Asuman her husband. Others are staff of RDIS.

Right: Workers during clay preparation for the cookstove manufacturing.

Vision Statement
A Holy Soul in a Healthy Body.
Mission Statement
To safeguard environment, increase the production aiming at sustainable and holistic development.
Objectives Statement
To promote sustainable development by mobilizing the community members to lift themselves out of poverty.