I'm Hendrik, 21 years old, and I'm having the honour to be the volunteer of RDIS from October 2022 till August 2023.

image hendrik ziemann smallI got sent by the United Evangelical Mission (UEM), which is a long-term partner of RDIS and the four dioceses of the Anglican Church of Rwanda: Butare, Cyangugu, Kigeme and Shyogwe. UEM has multiple volunteer and other programs. Sponsored by Engagement Global, UEM enhances young people to learn and to step in touch with different social backgrounds, which they are not familiar with from their homes. I'm the first volunteer after the global pandemic of Covid-19.

My daily activities are mainly based on office and administrative tasks. Hereby I am assisting my colleagues in their responsibilities.

I'm grateful for the opportunity, which RDIS is giving me and the different aspects where I got enabled to learn about their work and the social-economic context in which RDIS is operating.
These experiences are influencing my view on my studies (Social Science at the University of Cologne) and my personal life. The staff of RDIS aims to change the life of their beneficiaries. They have changed mine as well.

Thank you RDIS for this enriching year.
Hendrik Ziemann



International volunteer service invites young individuals, aged 18-28, to spend a year contributing to a foreign country. Working together, cultural exchange and learning from each other on a daily basis are the focus of the voluntary service.

The Rural Development Interdiocesan Service (RDIS) in Rwanda periodically provides placements for the North-South program. This forms a part of the United Evangelical Mission's (UEM) volunteer service, itself a component of the broader weltwärts program.

My name is Ansgar Utrata, I am 19 years old and I come from Germany. I spent the last year (September 2018 to August 2019) in Rwanda working for RDIS as a volunteer.
uem volunteer ansgar utrata from germany sMy sending organization is called United Evangelical Mission (UEM) where I participated in the North-South volunteer program. After my high school graduation, I wanted to do a voluntary service in order to develop as a person, get to know a new culture and make first practical experiences.

I was active in many different areas. Most of the time, I was doing office activities. For example, I helped to develop promotional material like a calendar about RDIS and a leaflet about a project. Or, when RDIS was working on a short film about the stove project, I recorded the German narrator voice. My personal highlight was to represent the organization at a booth at an international forum about the clean cooking sector in Convention Center Kigali. Often RDIS hosted international visitors, particularly from Germany. I was glad to accompany them on many interesting visits which was a nice change to everyday life. Additionally, I offered a German Class for beginners two times a week.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent two weeks in every of the other three zones of RDIS -Cyangugu, Butare and Kigeme. There I was working with the Field-Coordinators and we did numerous field-visits. In that way, I saw how our projects, like the improved cook stove, the ceramic water filter or the solar panel, help the rural population. Beside work, I had the chance to explore the cities.

The atmosphere in the head office was pleasant. From the beginning on, I participated in our meetings, so I felt completely integrated. I could learn a lot from my colleagues. Also, my English and French skills have improved significantly.

My voluntary service for RDIS influenced my choice of studies. I wanted to link my passion for languages with the field of management. After my return to Europe, I will study “Franco-German and International Management” in France and Germany.

Thank you RDIS for this wonderful and enriching year!
Ansgar Utrata



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