On Wednesday 29/03/2023, the Rural Development Inter-Diocesan Service (RDIS) held a staff meeting at it's headquarters in Muhanga city, which focussed mainly on the progress of the newly initiated project: “Improved Cookstoves Project in Rusizi”. The meeting, which was attended by all project staff, and chaired by the Executive Secretary, Mr Viateur Ntarindwa, provided an opportunity for reviewing the project's achievements, and challenges and also to identify areas for improvement.

RDIS Staff Meeting 29 03 2023 02

The RDIS organisation had helt a very important meeting which brought together participants from Local Government, Public Institutons, Church Leaders and Project Developpers. The Main Stakeholder at the same time one of the speakers was the Mayor of Rusizi District Dr. Anicet KIBIRIGA.


  • Inform participants about “COOKSTOVES PROJECT RUSIZI-RWANDA”; gather their opinions and advice for successful project implementation and monitoring
  • Seek for participants’ feedbacks, preferably by the end of the meeting to easy processes and information gathering
  • Bring onboard all stakeholders for the success of the project throughout the whole project management cycle

ES and Mayor

The ceremony was done by RDIS staff. UEM delegation and ATE KELENG highlighted the importance of community work and the continuing of the started partnership between the two NGOs. UEM stated how grateful they are to see the ongoing work of their Church members in Rwanda and Indonesia!

On the 11th December 2022, RDIS wished their guests from Indonesia and Germany farewell. The delegation of ATE KELENG was represented by Rev. Yusuf Tarigan and Mr. Leader Tarigan, the delegation of United Evangelical Mission got represented by Rev. Dr. Andar Parlindungan (head of UEM’s "Training & Empowerment" department) and Rev. Dr. Ernest Kadiva (UEM Deputy Executive Secretary for the African region). After an abundant meal, members of RDIS said goodbye to their visitors from ATE KELENG (Indonesia) and United Evangelical Mission.

Farewell 1

RDIS and YAK GBKP joined together to discuss about the process of establishing a credit union as an entry point to empower people in the community especially in the rural areas.  The Credit Union with and for the members in the five Dioceses of the Anglican Church in Rwanda, namely: BUTARE, CYANGUGU, KIGEME, NYARUGURU and SHYOGWE. The overall goal for the partnership is to empower members of Communities in Rwanda and in Indonesia become independent and improve on their self-sustainable for Spiritual, Social and Economic welfare.

rdis yak exchange learning 12 2022a


This annual report (April 2020 to March 2021) is intended to provide key partners and founding members of our organization with abridged information about our activities and performances.
Vision Statement
A Holy Soul in a Healthy Body.
Mission Statement
To safeguard environment, increase the production aiming at sustainable and holistic development.
Objectives Statement
To promote sustainable development by mobilizing the community members to lift themselves out of poverty.