Case study 2: GAHABWA Local church

Gahabwa chapel is one local church which have been trained and mobilized for holistic development. It is a local church of Anglican church of Rwanda, Gikonko Parish, Butare Diocese, located in Gahabwa village, Gikonko cell, Gikonko sector of GISAGARA district. After the training of CCMP about holistic transformation, the church members of Gahabwa were awaken and started thinking of different activities that can help them through the process of transformation. From the date of training up to date Gahabwa church members started transformative group which called TERIMBERE MUHINZI W’URUTOKI as we see in the name of transformative group, their target is to improve banana plantation and using modern farming techniques.

Total of group members is 40. Other activities in group is saving and credit up to day each members of group have one domestic animals from the transformative group because of savings and credit. Those domestic animals are pigs and goats. Because of training the members of group started to imitate the farming techniques in their home and to improve them self.

During field visit at Gahabwa chapel some transformative group members have shared their change stories in their home.

small case study2 nyiraminani esperance is a 30 years with her goat

NYIRAMINANI Esperance is a 30 years old women living in Gahabwa village Gikonko Cell, Gikonko Sector, Gisagara District. After being mobilized through CCMP, she became member of transformative group, and after being in transformative group, she got a goat as one of transformative group members. Esperance told us this goats help her to develop them self through modern agriculture of beans, banana and others food crops by using fertilizers ,and she told us she started other small business by using small loans from transformative group of saving and credit of Gahabwa.

small case study2 transf group nyandwi damascene is 34 years old man banana

NYANDWI J. Damascene is 34 years old man. He lives in Gahabwa Village, Gikonko Cell, Gikonko Sector of Gisagara District. After being mobilized and trained for holistic development, he realized that he should not waste his time , he started to cultivate the banana plantation by using modern techniques and he started to regular participate in the transformative group and started to apply group activities at his home. NYANDWI got a loan in the transformative group and he started to construct a house; currently, NYANDWI has his own house, 2 cows and 1 goat. All those animals and house are from the loans of transformative group of Gahabwa.


Case studies and stories of change in CCT Programme