Case study 4: Kinkanga Local Church

Church and community mobilization in Kinkanga Parish started in the year March 2013-February 2014. After a series of mobilization session and training of the committed, a transformative group was formed composed of 42 members including 13 males and 29 females. The group’s name is Duterimbere (Literally translation is “Let us develop ourselves”). An exciting progress has taken place in Kinkanga where so far after accumulating savings, they have resolved to provide each household with domestic animal, basically to enable them get manure to fertilize their limited lands for cultivation. They have offered each family with one goat and one pig. Every time in a year, they organize a celebration day where distribution of domestic animals is made in the presence of church leaders.

Photos below were taken on December 20th, 2015 when the celebration was taking place in the presence of the Bishop of EAR Butare Diocese. Testimonies from beneficiaries prove that currently, every household can get balanced diet at least twice a day whereas before only one household out of three managed to get food twice a day. 

small case study4 duterimbere group butare4

small case study4 duterimbere group butare2

small case study4 duterimbere group butare3



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