Case study 1: Curusi Local Church

CURUSI chapel is one the local church which have been mobilized for holistic development. It is a local church of Anglican Church of Rwanda, Gikonko Parish, Butare Diocese, located in Curusi Village, Cyiri Cell, Gikonko Sector of Gisagara District. The mobilization in this local church started towards the end of March 2016. After being mobilized for holistic transformation, Christians were awaken and started thinking of different activities that can help them through the process of transformation. In the one year, local church members in Curusi have started 3 transformative groups and 2 of them (“Abahuje umutima” and “Ingabo z’Umwami”) have so far accumulated savings totaling 460,000 Rwanda Francs. The first group composed of 35 members have saved 200,000 RWF and are planning to buy domestic (Pigs) for each member. Another transformative group constituted of Sunday school children, have saved money and managed to buy rabbit for each child among 90 children. During our last visit on March 25, 2017, local church members shared with us testimonies, and we learnt that 4 members had already got cows as a result of lessons acquired in CCMP; 10 members have got pigs, 5 have purchased chickens, 7 have purchased rabbits and 5 have purchased goats.

During field visit at Curusi local church, church members have shared their integral change progress stories and 3 people’s stories were recorded. These are:

small case study1 mukahirwa lydia a 56 woman2

# MUKAHIRWA Lydia, a 56 years old woman living in Curusi Village, Cyiri Cell, Gikonko Sector of Gisagara District. After being mobilized through CCMP; she became member of transformative group and from the savings the group has, she got a small loan worth RWF 30,000 that she is using to carry out small business of buying and reselling domestic animals [goats] and from this business she can help the family of 6 members and pay school fees for her 4 children. From her business, she has now managed to buy a cow as shown in the picture below.


small case study1 uwizeyimana juliana is a 46 years old woman

# Uwizeyimana Juliana is a 46 years old woman. She lives in Curusi Village, Cyiri Cell, Gikonko Sector of Gisagara District. After CCMP training, she joined a transformative group that carries out saving and credit as well. From the savings, she got a loan worth RWF 25,000 to run small business. She makes soft drink prepared from sorghum flour and can generate income. She has bought a pig from her business and can provide family survival needs. She affirms to pay school fees for her children and state that she can pay back the loan and get a new one whenever needed. She is a window of 5 orphans, she has many problems, through the problems resolution, she told us the source of finance is to make soft drink of sorghum and to follow the lessons from CCMP training. After one year UWIZEYIMANA increased the activities.


small case study1 nuwayo placide is a 23 years old young man

# NUWAYO Placide is a 23 years old young man who completed his secondary school education in 2015. He lives in Murambi Village, Cyiri Cell, Gikonko Sector of Gisagara District. After being mobilized for holistic development, he realized that he should not waste his time waiting for seeking for a job. He started small business of shop keeping, farming and animal rearing. He can now attest that he is able to respond to basic living needs with which he could not cater for if he had not changed his thinking and mindset.


small case study1 sunday school children given rabbits

# Photo above show Sunday school children when they were given rabbits for rearing from their own savings.



Case studies and stories of change in CCT Programme