The RDIS Organisation participated in the World Environment Day 2018 by facilitating some actions and a workshop in Butare diocese on Tuesday 5th June 2018, from 9:00 am to 5 pm o’clock. The participants were composed of about 24 youths and other leaders, who are involved in our ongoing waste management project. They came from all four dioceses of the Anglican Church in Rwanda, namely Kigeme, Shyogwe, Cyangugu and Butare. Members of staff from the Butare diocese’s office also attended the opening event.

The workshop/action day was officially opened by Hon Bishop Nathan Gasatura, who is also the Chairman of RDIS organization. In his address, he stressed on the importance of environmental protection and why this issue is taken up very seriously by the Anglican Church in Rwanda. He urged the youth to play their role in this noble task.

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Since our Waste Management Project coincided very well with this year’s theme for World Environment Day 2018: a call to action for all of us to come together to combat one of the great environmental challenges of our time “#BeatPlasticPollution”, we thought, it would be ideal for us to share with other people in the entire globe society what we are already doing to combat "plastic pollution".

As it can be seen on the pictures, RDIS organisation organised a number of actions on that day; for instance; demonstrations of our campaigns for awareness creation; demonstration of our special waste bins for separating waste that we have distributed to many institutions in Rwanda; distribution of the draft for waste management policy and many other activities.

RDIS actions on worldsenvironmentday2018 beatplasticpollution 20180605 105457

The workshop and the actions involved primarily the youth, because it is how the project is designed that the youth are required to assist RDIS organisation by influencing others in different areas with knowledge and skills about waste management and sanitation.

RDIS team and Youths from Southern and Western Rwanda helped sorting kitchen waste from Shalom Guesthouse in EAR Church, Butare diocese. An act to show our participation in UN #BeatPlasticPollution campaign by deeds.

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It was indeed a great opportunity for us to participate in this year's #WorldEnvironmentDay2018 to showcase what we are implementing in environmental protection for sustainable development.

In our social media outlets you will see more pictures from the workshop and the actions for #BeatPlasticPollution at the Anglican Church Butare diocese as well as pictures from ongoing Waste Management Project (sponsored by Wuppertal).

Yes, together we can do something to ensure our future generations find a clean and green planet!

Finally, all participating youth teams from the four dioceses were asked to share their short reports with pictures with their respective Church leaders and colleagues in their areas.

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