Today, the retired Bishop of Butare, Rt Revd Nathan Gasatura passed by at our head office in Muhanga to say goodbye and to pray with us. We were very happy about his generous gesture.

Bishop Nathan Gasatura was the chairperson and legal representative of the RDIS organization for just over 3 years from Feb/2018 to March/2021, in a period where we made great achievements in many development projects including our flagship project, the Carbon Project for distributing Improved Cook Stoves in Rwanda (CCER-1).

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Through CCER-1 we installed energy-saving stoves in 6,400 households, which means the daily meals of more than 30,000 people in Rwanda are now being cooked on our efficient and clean stoves. By doing so they have not only improved their livelihoods and health conditions, but they are also reducing a lot of CO2 emissions; more than 10,000 Carbon Credits are generated in this way every year.

These Carbon Credits are already on the market to be bought by anyone or any organization that wants to compensate for its unavoidable CO2 emissions. For more information, please visit:

We thank Bishop Nathan Gasatura for the good time we had together and for his exemplary, visionary and inspiring leadership, as he told us today that his style of leadership is always to be a “whole” leader by heart, head, and hand.

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#KlimaKollekte (A CO2 compensation fund of Christian churches in Germany)

#ICSEA (Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa Project)

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